School Bus Safety 

Throughout the school year, parents drop their students off at school bus stops with trust that the driver will get their child to school safely. School bus safety is something integrated in the bus design, but now we don’t need to rely solely on bus design and the driver to keep our students safe. With technology advancements, school districts can have a complete overview of the fleets and ensure that every bus is keeping students as safe as possible. We have put together a list of our favorite 5 aftermarket add-ons for school buses that we install here at Lewis Bus Group.


Four score and a few hundred years ago, little George Washington was sitting on a yellow Thomas Built Bus eating his cherry pie and staring out the window. He spent most mornings this way, gazing out at the countryside and dreaming of the day he would leave home and make it on his own. This morning however, he had other things on his mind; the day was February 27th and his mother had forgotten his birthday. Again. She was a frugal woman and baked but one cherry pie a year to celebrate the birthdays of all her children at once. On that dirt road between home and school, Little Washington thought to himself, this group birthday shenanigans had been going on for far too long…