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Lewis Bus Group is Platinum Support Certified!

What does that mean?


It means we believe in Lean Management, or Kaizen as you may have heard it called. Platinum Support is an elite group of Thomas Built Buses’ dealers, delivering superior customer service experience, in a consistent manner, at a good value, as validated by the customer. To be Platinum Support Certified means Lewis Bus Group has committed to leading and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement.


Our Platinum Support Program is designed to make our customer and employee’s choices easy. In fact, the intent is to create a customer experience and working environment where folks don’t even consciously make choices, since they know their Platinum experiences and relationships from the past are extraordinary. There is no need to even waste time thinking of an alternative. Customers know they will receive value at a Platinum Dealer. Employees know their work environment will improve every day at a Platinum Dealer. Waste will continually be reduced at a Platinum Dealer. Along with the help of the Change Management Team, made up of employees set on bettering their company, Lewis Bus Group identifies, measures, analyzes, improves and works to sustain issues that prohibit us from giving you our very best at all times. Whether these issues be internal processes, expectations with vendors, or communication on the status of your needs, each member of the Lewis family has a vested interest in making things run smoother for us and for you, our Customer. 


So, how does it work?

Leans Management isn't just about processes and meetings, it's about culture! It's opening the floor for constructive opinions on bettering the way we do things; it's a lifestyle change towards reorganization to help the flow of business; it's instituting clear and fair expectations that invite our vendors and competitors to do better and be better for their customers.
Essentially, it's giving power back to those who keep the lights on.
Our customers and our employees affect change around here; we want to know what's working and what isn't and when it isn't working, we:

and Sustain

When making a decision, we look to our Nine Lean Principles for foundation and focus:


 If you've been in to our facility or spoken with one of our representative recently, you've certainly heard about it. In Q4 of 2018 alone, we've implemented the following:

Premier Assessment -- we've committed to a 24 hour estimate turn around time, and we're sticking to it! Bring your Thomas Built in for repair and receive a diagnostic and estimate in 24 hours or less, guaranteed! This service is currently only available to TBB buses while we fine tune our work flow but will be available to our commercial customers soon! Look for it in 2019! 

Voice of the Customer -- during our 2018 Give Us a Grade Tour, we visited the folks in our territory and asked for their candid grade of Lewis, before during and after the sale. We wanted to hear your voices and we wanted them to speak the truth. What we found is that while anyone can sell a bus, service after the sale is what matters most and we've committed to surpassing your after-the-sale expectations. We're looking forward to faster turn around times on repairs, better parts availability, and increased communication on maintenance to help you get the most out of your Total Cost of Ownership. 

Keeping with the Times -- Lewis Bus Group has been in business for over three decades but that doesn't mean we're behind the curve. Through ongoing education and training, we share laterally. Our staff educates on "the way it's always been", on what customers have come to expect, and what mistakes we've made in the past just as often as we share new, innovative ways to think and conduct business, complete a repair or streamline a process. We respect, support, and challenge one another while sharing openly and borrowing proudly. 


Stay tuned!
We've only just begun. 

 To our current customers, we want to thank you for your loyalty and invite you to watch us change and grow.
To our future customers, we invite you to see what all the fuss is about!

Support after the sale is what we're all about!